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Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

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What is Energy Upgrades Program?

Victorian Energy Upgrades is a government energy efficiency program that helps households and businesses reduce their power bills and greenhouse gas emissions. The program offers rebates or discounts on energy-saving products, like fridges, air conditioners, solars, water heaters, and more. These rebates or discounts can be used to buy products. Paying more for energy than you should be? It might be time to consider a Victorian Energy Upgrade.


Products We Offer Under VEU

Hot Water System

Solar Panels

Air Conditioning Systems

Number Of Houses And Businesses Upgraded Under VEU Program
Businesses Helped
1.8M +
Houses Upgraded
60M Tons
CO2 Emissions Reduced


  1. You must be a business or house located in Victoria.

  2. An active ABN (For Businesses Only).

  3. Operating business in a shop, factory, or a commercial space (For Businesses Only). 

Every home as well as organization can take part in the program and be eligible for rebate and incentives for energy efficient product or services.

Around 160 businesses, consisting of 115 of Victoria's biggest energy consumers, are exempt from the VEU initiative and have to opt-in to gain rewards.

The average household saved upto $110 per year by participating in the program.

These financial savings are expected to raise to between $120 and $1,100 a year under new emission reduction targets for 2022-2025.

The average Business currently saves upto $3,700 per year by upgrading their electrical appliances under VEU Program.

These savings are estimated to increase between $500 and $74,000 a year under new emission reduction targets for the program depending on the size of the business.

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