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solar rebates for Australian businesses

Reduce your energy costs with solar rebates for Australian businesses

Solar rebates are available to eligible businesses and not-for-profit organisations, helping to reduce energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint by taking advantage of the cleanest form of energy on the planet – sunlight. The best part? All you have to do is apply online and wait for your rebate cheque in the mail! And with many rebates allowing you to make monthly repayments, there has never been an easier time to pay off your solar panels.

What is an Energy Efficiency Rebate?

An Energy Efficiency Rebate is a sum of money that an energy company will pay to you to help you save on your electricity bill. Basically, it’s like an interest-free loan for up to 12 months. The more that you save, the less you have to repay, but there are also caps on how much you can borrow and the maximum rebate amount is $1400 per year. If you’re a business owner or self-employed, here’s how a rebate works: You do all the upfront work installing new products and appliances, then send off a few forms and wait for your rebate cheque from the company. It’s quick and easy!

Who can claim an Energy Efficiency Rebate?

Energy Efficiency Rebates are available to residential and commercial ratepayers who operate a business. Commercial customers are eligible if they use at least 200 kilowatt hours per month, while residential customers must use at least 450 kWh per month. Businesses that have installed a renewable power generator, like solar panels, are also eligible for the rebate. This is because the cost of generating electricity from renewable sources like the sun and wind is less expensive than it is for coal or gas-fired generators. The Energy Efficiency Rebate can reduce a customer’s electricity bill by up to $750 each year. (Conditions Apply)

What products are eligible under the program?

The program offers rebates of up to $1400 on systems installed in residential and commercial buildings. A system needs to be installed on or after qualify. For example, if you install a 3.2kW system and you’re an individual homeowner, you’ll receive a rebate of $2,000. If you install the same system in a commercial building with 10 or more tenants and it’s not a public building like a school or hospital, you’ll receive $4,000 back from the government. (Conditions Apply) Contact Us.

Additional Information:

In Australia, if you’re a business that operates a building, you can get rebates by installing renewable energy technology. The Federal Government has partnered with the Clean Energy Council and various state governments to provide rebate programs to help make the switch to renewable energy sources. To be eligible for these rebates, the business must meet specific eligibility requirements that vary depending on which state they are located in.


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